Arabesque, en kollektion i keramik från Sthål

Every day a celebration!

Our philosophy is simple. Throwing a party should be easy and fun, weather you choose to mingle in the garden or sit down around a beautifully laid table. A spontaneous gathering with friends and family or a meticulously planned event – no matter what the occasion is, it should be fun. For the guests and for the one hosting the party.

With this in mind, we have produced a collection of tableware ceramics, that immediately creates a warm ambiance. Both Swedish and exotic, it finds its inspiration in oriental patterns and ornaments and comes in several different glazes for you to choose from. And just as you mix your company, you can mix Sthål’s ceramics with new and old favourites.

Our ceramics transports perfectly all the way from the cocktails to the dinner table and finally, the late night snack. Serve nibbles and appetizers, set the dinner table, and when the guests have all gone home, put everything straight into the dishwasher. A good party should be fun and relaxed from start to finish. That way, you’ll soon be planning the next one!

In Stockholm, Sweden,
18-21 January 2017
Visit us in booth B09: 01