STHÅL – a signature
to keep your eyes on

All our products are easily recognized by the glazed signature on the backside. The name Sthål originates from the initials of Susanna Theander and Helena Åkesson-Liedberg. As designers and stylists with a passion for food and good company, we were always searching for dishes and bowls with colours, shapes and patterns that stood out from the ordinary. Tableware that would do the food visual justice, and give the party the right atmosphere. Since working with ceramics was a hobby for both of us, we decided to create ourselves exactly what we were looking for.

We weren’t the only ones to search for something new. So did Pia Hallqvist. With her solid background in glass and porcelain production, she helped us take the first steps towards producing our own collection.

The result is bohemian everyday ceramics that brightens up any day of the week. An untraditional full service – if that’s what you want – where every piece works just as well as a solitary accent on the table.

We have named the collection Arabesque and presented it at Sweden’s largest interior design fair, Formex, in January 2012, where it received a very warm welcome.