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Sthåls’s everyday ceramics is made of stoneware, which makes it highly durable. Oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Product sheet 2016 (pdf, opens in new window)

Sthål litet delikatessfat 1101
Small appetizer dish 195x135mm

Pluppar 1102
Small bowl & 170 mm 1103
Tray dish 335×135 mm 1104
Small gratin dish 230x150mm 1106
Deep bowl ø 260 mm

Pluppar 1107
Large dish ø 340 mm 1108
Oval dish 490 mm 1109
Small dip bowl ø 70 mm 1110
Dinner plate ø 280mm

Kopp med öra från Sthål 1111
Cup with handle

Kopp utan öron från Sthål 1112
Cup without handle 1113
Assiett ø 230 mm

Djup tallrik från Sthål 1114
NEW! DEEP PLATE, Ø 240 mm. Perfect for pasta, salad, casserol and soup. 1115
NEW!BIG BOWL, Ø 340 mm. Big wide bowl with one glaze on the outside and one on the inside.